Static three-drum road roller RC-13DD

Equipment for road roller RC-13DD

Standard set of equipment

Cabin with heating, ventilation and dust protection, two doors, panoramic
window, flashing beacon, outer sun screen, outer rear view mirrors, front and
rear window wipers
Warning lights for traveling by road
Working front and rear headlights
Adjustable scraper
Remote «ground» switch-on
Adjustable work seat
Sound alarm indicators for engine temperature, oil pressure
Indicator for engine rpm and on-vehicle mains power voltage
Indicator for running speed and distance traveled
Indicators for hydraulic oil temperature and availability, fuel availability
Place for radio set installation and wiring
Sun screen
Pressurized spray system for drum with interval regulation

Auxiliary set of equipment

Indicator for adherent fluid reserves
Multi-function display for road roller operation monitoring and diagnostics
Indicator for degree of compaction
Radio recorder
Electrically driven sun screen
Cabin air conditioning system

Technical specifications

Parameter Parameter value
Operational mass, kg13000
Speed, km/h (not less than): operational traveling10
Drum diameter, mm1500
Front drum width, mm570
Rear drum width, mm1060
Width of compactable band, mm2100
Front/Rear linear pressure, N/cm570/610
Roll stability angle, deg., (not less than)15
Gradeability, %., (not less than)40
Minimum turn radius along the track outline, m, (at most)6,4
Reciprocal turn of semi-frames in vertical transverse plane, deg., (not less than)8
Clearance, mm, (not less than)350
Medium time for uninterrupted operation without fuel refilling, h, (not less than)10
Adherent fuel (water) tank capacity, l, (not less than)800

Overall dimensions

ParameterParameter value
L, mm5000
Width, mm2100
Road roller height during transportation, mm3000±100
Road roller height without cabin, mm2200±100

Type of engine

Water-cooled four-stroke diesel engine Kubota V-3800-DI-T-E2B
Engine power, kW/ fuel consumption for one hour of engine running, l70.6/13

RC-13DD version for Asian market

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